Kalika Self-reliance Social Centre

Kapilvastu Municipality -03, Kalika Gaun, Taulihawa
Kapilvastu, Lumbini Province, Nepal


  • 34 Local NGOs, 3 networks and 610 self-help groups promoted & strengthened through capacity building in and around district (Kapilvastu, Rupandehi, Nawalparashi and Bhojpur).
  • Supported 83 Health facilities
  • Provided physical as well as technical support to 2 PHCs, 73 Health Posts, 3Urban Health Units , 2 Community Health Units, and 3 Hospitals leading to their capacity enhancement,
  • Carried out Assessment of all 78 health facilities across Kapilvastu with focus on Quality Health Care delivery Capacity of Heath Care providers & Managerial Capacity, Community Access, existing Health Care equipments, Heath and Sanitation facilities, reproductive health services, pre-natal, and post-natal services, referral services, Catchment, other type of services, limitations etc.
  • Support to 10 wards full immunization declaration and full immunization declaration of entire Shivraj municipality
  • Support to Certification of Health Post on Adolescent Friendly Service (Barkalpur and Shivpur health facilities.
  • About 450 hand pump, 7 Overhead Tank installed and 900 Toilet constructed.
  • Support to ODF declaration ( Former Ama VDC of Rupandehi district, and 7 wards of Bijaynagar rural municipality and Shivraj municipality
  • Approximately NRs, 20, 50, 00,000.00 local resource has been mobilized through various activities.
  • A population of 91500 from 15250 house hold are directly benefitted from various activities in and around district
  • Promoted 30 co-operatives in and around district.
  • Supported 139 community schools and 129 Early Child Care & Development (Infrastructures, Technical and Material support)
  • Supported to 100 % enrollment declaration of 2 wards of Shivraj municipality and and 2 wards of of Bijayanagar municipality
  • Supported to declaration of Early Child Marriage Free Wards ( 4 wards of Buddhabhumi & Krishnanagar municipality)
  • Supported to 100 % enrollment ( 5-12 years aged school going children) of 4 wards of Bijayanagar rural municipality and Shivraj muncipality
  • A District Women Advocacy Forum and 15 VDC level Women Advocacy Forum Promoted