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Access to Continue Education and Risk Communication Program for COVID 19 Response.

Funding Partner: UNICEF

Theme: Education and Risk Communication.

COVID -19 Pandemic has created an unprecedented situation globally and has affected almost every part of the world including Nepal.

To avoid community transmission of the virus, the Government of Nepal has declared locked down all over the country to safeguard its citizens, requesting to stay inside the home since24th March 2020. The lockdown has been continuedly extended in phase manner and the current lockdown has been extended up to 3 June 2020. The pandemic has directly affected the education system and 2,472,127 children (from pre-primary to secondary education) from province 5 has been affected due to the school closures. If the school closure continues for a longer period, it can severely affect education that may lead to increase drop-out risks where providing distance and internet based education will be a challenge. Despite, the challenges the education continuation and learning of every child, the consultation was initiated with partners for an alternative plan at different scenarios. Education officials to find out the feasible pathways to continue learning and support to prevent the spread of COVID 19 from education institutions by ensuring a safe learning environment and support minimizing spread among schools communities through placing appropriate prevention measures, risk communication and awareness activities in ECD centers to schools. Considering this pandemics and crisis like COVID 19 and quarantine used 100 schools from the different palikas this program is adopted.


  1. Mobilize to operate the Radio School Program for the grade 4 to 8 classes’ students, access to the continuity of students learning behavior through Radio/television and different media and facilitating to create learning environment at home.
  2. 100 quarantine used schools teacher will be trained on safe schools operation procedure.
  3. Nutrition, Health, Protection, WASH and Education BCC messages with risk communication messages will be airing through the mobilization of local media, and mike at the high risk communities by mobilizing local level.